STEALTH Car Headrest Camera Mount

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  • Tool-less camera removal.  Easy hand grip knob allows quick and easy removal and installation.
  • Constructed from black anodized 6061 aluminum
  • Optimized with FEA
  • Universal fitment
  • Mounts on front or rear headrest posts (driver and passenger side)
  • Rearward offset design for better safety and vantage point
  • Camera mounting screw set 6 inches back from headrest
  • Fits on seats where the seat or headrest design does not allow for a standard straight through fitment, such as BMW "Vader" seats and Subaru Legacy GT seats.
  • Safety strap for secure mounting
  • Note: If using a GoPro, you will need their GoPro Tripod Mount


We recommend the following tips when utilizing in-car video:

  • A wide angle lens will ensure good coverage of the cockpit and track
  • Select a camera with either flash memory or a video cassette
  • It is best to install the mount on the driver's seat or another seat with an occupant.  The mass of the occupant helps to dampen out vibrations to the camera.


View the installation manual

AMT Stealth Car Headrest Camera Mount Installation Guide


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